Building Our Movement for the #Right2Remain in Boston

What are Just Cause tenant protections?

Massachusetts law allows landlords to evict tenants “no-fault.” This means that renters in privately owned, non-subsidized housing can be evicted after their lease expires – or any time, if they don’t have a lease – without any reason given. The Just Cause campaign seeks to protect Boston's tenants during the growing epidemic of profit-driven evictions. We believe that large corporate landlords who are not owner-occupants should have legitimate reasons for eviction, not simply increasing their own profit.

Who is struggling with no-fault evictions in Boston?

While most evictions happen out of public view, here are a few stories of brave residents who are facing no-fault evictions and major rent increases. Click on the image for an interactive map with videos and stories at

Boston Displacement Mapping Project 

Check out City Life/Vida Urbana's new Just Cause video:

Check out photos from Boston's Right To The City Alliance standing up for Just Cause at a November 2016 City Council meeting:

Photos from November 2016 City Council Meeting