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Sign the Petition: Councilor Flaherty - Full Council Vote on Jim Brooks Act Now!


Monday, March 6th, over 350 supporters attended the Boston City Council's hearing on the Jim Brooks Stabilization Act and pressed our councilors to pass it immediately.  Right now, the Act is sitting in the Government Operations committee. We call on the chair of this committee, Councilor Flaherty, to pledge to support this Act and bring it to a full City Council vote now. 

SIGN the petition today and help us reach our urgent goal of 700 signatures.


What is the purpose of the Jim Brooks Community Stabilization Act?

The Stabilization Act is a tool to help direct legal and resource information to Boston's tenants at risk of displacement. It would: 

  • Require landlords to provide a reason when seeking to evict a tenant, like failure to pay rent, damaging property, or breaking a lease. Landlords who own 6 or fewer units will be exempt. 
  • Require owners to notify the City of any Notice To Quit issued to tenants, improving data collection about evictions.
  • The City would be required to notify the tenant of their rights under current state law.

When will the Stabilization Act take effect?

The Act must be approved by the Boston City Council and enacted by the Massachusetts State Legislature. The State Legislature has a two-year legislative cycle with the current cycle running from January 2017 through December 2018. If passed by the State Legislature, the Act would take effect in 2019, at the earliest. 

Which landlords will be impacted by the Act?

Landlords who own more than 6 rental units in Boston.

Who is struggling with no-fault evictions in Boston?

While most evictions happen out of public view, here are a few stories of brave residents who are facing no-fault evictions and major rent increases. Click on the image for an interactive map with videos and stories at

Boston Displacement Mapping Project 

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Photos from November 2016 City Council Meeting